Harry Potter - The Complete Collection
Made for the available and the not yet released films, these complete Harry Potter sets are being presented in two different ways. Option #1 offers the films all in one case with the second case housing all of the Special Features discs. The second option is splitting the movies between two sets. Both of these sets include a third cover with the listing for the first movie as "The Philosopher's Stone" (for you folks from Region 2). Click on the covers for a bigger view and select the option that best appeals to you! All of these covers are made for the 7 or 8 disc cases with the 1 inch wide spine.
Option #1
Option #2
Hi-Def versions....
Since the HD-DVDs and Blu-ray discs are all available in single disc versions (so far), there is no need for two covers. So here's some slight variations on the first, only with Hi-Def logos on the back. The first is for the Blu-ray discs. The second is for HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs (Warners has announced that they will no longer support HD-DVD after May 2008, so if you have the HD-DVDs of the first films, you'll have to finish up with the Blu-rays). Yes, life's a bitch.
Download cover set
Download cover set
Download Blu-ray disc cover (Sorcerer's Stone)
Download Blu-ray disc cover (Philosopher's Stone)
Download HD-DVD/Blu-ray disc cover (Sorcerer's Stone)
Download HD-DVD/Blu-ray disc cover (Philosopher's Stone)
All of these covers are made to fit around the 1 inch wide 8 disc cases available at Genesys DTP. Although most of the sets only have a total of seven discs, you can use the eighth slot for the Best Buy bonus discs if you have them.
The Cases...
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