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Why would I create my own DVD covers? The reasons for custom covers are varied. Some people do not care for the "Digipaks" that many TV series come in. They are cumbersome to deal with, and often you have to unfold the whole thing just to remove one disc! There are other reasons as well, from saving shelf space to asthetics.

I started designing covers to replace my lackluster Star Trek (The Original Series) DVDs. The original art featured ugly colors and a boring head shot. When they ran out of regular cast members they started plastering some of the guest stars on the covers! Star Trek was also released in 40 separate volumes and took up a large amount of shelf space. Using eight 5 disc cases with my new cover art on them, I was able to cut down the amount of room the discs took up and ended up with a more attractive presentation.

From there I moved on to several other TV series and have also completed some movie sets for "James Bond" and "The Lord of the Rings" among others.
I have also dabbled in web graphics and design. I have built this site as well as a few others. I've had a series of ads placed in national Home Theater Magazines. While my interests lie more with visuals than the technical side, I would welcome any challenge from a small company or organization. From designing ads, logos and banners to creating your own custom DVD cover projects, I would be glad to work with you to create a product we both can be proud of.
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Where to get the cases...
Printing the covers...
Most of my covers need to be printed on legal size (8" x 14") paper. Photo quality paper is the best, but unfortunately legal size photo paper is hard to come by. A solution that I have found is to get some 13" x 19 " photo paper (329 x 483mm). I use Epson's glossy Super A3 (aka: Super B), it's available at CompUSA and on the web. Cut each sheet into two 8 x 13 sheets. While you end up with a sheet that's one inch shorter than legal size, the covers should still fit when printed up.

Using a photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to print the covers is recommended, but shouldn't be required.

Make sure the printer is set to the best quality and that it is also set to landscape (or horizontal) mode. You also may be able to set the document so that it prints as close to the edge as possible. If the picture automatically defaults to the center, the cover may get cut off when using paper that is 13" long. In your printer settings, make sure you have nothing checked that would change the size of the cover like "Borderless" or "Print to fit Media".
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Media Technology Group
has the "Super Slim" 4, 5 and 6 disc cases (The 6 disc case is used in one of my Babylon 5 sets
and the 4 discer has one of The Jack Ryan Collection covers available in this size).
Unfortunately they are located in Australia and shipping can get a little expensive
Is an Ebay seller that has many varieties of DVD cases. He also has multi-disc (4, 5 and 6) slim cases, but be aware that their spines are 1/16th of an inch wider than those available at Media Tech. Currently, the only cover I have available for that size is one of my Jack Ryan Collection covers.
Sarem Media Packaging
Is the only UK source I have been able to find forMulti Disk Alpha paks in the region 2 area.
As far as I know they do not take credit cards and you have to order by phone
Sleeve City
Has the Add-A-Pages that are used in one of my Star Trek: The Original Series sets.
Other cases...
Effectuality Inc
Also offers the 5 and 6 disc slim cases with the one inch spine. They also offer three and four disc cases that are no thicker than a single DVD case.
New 8 disc cases...
These are the new slim 8 disc cases that measure only an inch wide. Many of my new Star Trek sets are designed for these cases!
SVP Communications
Is a UK source that has various size cases. Including an 8 disc case that might work with my newer Star Trek "Captains' Collection" cover sets
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