Star Trek: The Next Generation
Clickhere to download the 7 season Alpha set.
The previews below are of the Beta covers. The Alpha set is virtually identical escept for the exclusion of the Feature Films cover and some re-centering of the spine elements.
Click on a cover below to view a bigger preview
Click here to download the Beta set which includes a cover for the Feature Films!
This Next Generation set is available in two versions. The Alpha set features all seven seasons and the Beta set also includes a cover for the movies. The spine has been modified for each set so that the title logo and ship will be centered, so make sure you download the correct version.
Although part of a bigger "24th Century Collection" this set can easily be used on it's own, without having to own the other two series.
These covers are made to fit around the 1 inch wide 8 disc cases available at Genesys DTP. Although most of the sets only have a total of seven discs, you can use the eighth slot for the Best Buy bonus discs if you have them.
The Cases...
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Sleeve City - Nexpak VERSApak 8 Disc DVD Case
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