Designed as a showcase for all 10 Star Trek Director's and Collector's Edition DVDs. These covers are available in two sets.
The first is for the double wide cases that the Collector's Editions are packaged in and the second set is designed to fit in single width double cases. These covers were a collaborative effort between myself (Ric Easton), Jupiter Prime and Andrew Parmet. I supplied the overall design, Jupiter provided the amazing starship renders and adapted them for a single width double case and Andrew Parmet designed the back covers of films 1-6. Jupiter's design also adds the Enterprise D.
Special thanks to Andrew Parmet aka: Dr. Zaius for allowing me to use his
wonderfully designed rear artwork for the backs of covers 1 through 6.
Links to Andrew Parmet's websites are located below...
Double width DVD cases are available at...
Dr. Zaius' Replacement DVD Cover Art
Click on one of the sets above to view and download the covers
Double width set designed by Ric Easton
Single width set adapted by Jupiter Prime
Now updated for Star Trek Nemesis!
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