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Genesys DTP
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Genesys DTP
The spine measures 26mm (1 inch) wide.
Effectuality Inc
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The spine measures 32mm (1.25 inches) wide.
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Genesys DTP
The spine measures 39mm (1.5 inches) wide.
Below are the covers I am using for 10 disc cases.  Click on the covers for a bigger view.  To download a cover that works best for you,
click here to go to the download section and check out the myriad of choices!  
These covers were made to house my complete collection
of filmed Superman Adventures. 
The first volume,  The Man of Steel Collection  holds all of the
Christopher Reeve films including the Richard Donner cut of Superman II, as well as some bonus material that came from the Ultimate Superman Collection.
The second set is called The Kryptonian Legacy Collection
In addition to Superman Returns, my set also holds the animated Superman - Doomsday, Supergirl andSuperman - The Theatrical Serials Collection (from 1948 and 1950).  This second volume also holds two more discs from the Ultimate Superman set; "Look, Up In The Sky!" -  The Amazing Story of Superman and the Bryan Singer Video Journals.
I realize that many folks will not have all of these discs or may
want different configurations, so I have made multiple sets at
different sizes and with different contents, but with the same artwork for each respective set.  There are even choices where you can customize your own cover.   Hopefully there will be a set to make everyone happy!
Download this cover
Download this cover
The Man of Steel Collection
The Kryptonian Legacy Collection
Again, for multiple variations on the above covers, go to the
Download the font used for the titles here