DVD Cover Art
Design Projects
Cover artist Cnickle designed a couple of very handsome DVD sets that emulate the packaging from the official Young Indiana Jones sets.  However, he took the original designs several steps further and greatly improved upon them, creating several of his own front cover collages including one for the films!  The rest of the set is beautiful as well and will look great on the shelf!  This set comes in two versions.  Set A is for four 12 disc cases and Set B is designed for five 8 disc cases.  Click on the small previews for a bigger view or hit the download links to grab the covers!
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Click on the previews for a bigger view
Set A
Set B
For 12 disc cases.
For 8 disc cases.
Download Set A
Download Set B
Check out Ric Easton's set by clicking on the display!
Bonus Covers
Bonus materials and game collections for 8 disc cases.
Download Bonus set