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The Lord of the Rings

These covers were designed to hold both the Theatrical  and Extended Editions for each film, together in their own cases.  Made for the one inch wide 6 disc cases available at Genesysdtp.com, you could also add in the more recent Limited Edtions of the movies and hold them all in three 8 disc cases.


For a bigger preview click on a cover or to download a hi-res version click on  the  "Download cover set" link

Download cover set



These covers were adapted and refined from my 2004 "Collectors Sets" (now retired), which were made for much wider cases.  About the colors...  I realize that I have deviated from the studio's official releases by swapping the colors between "The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King" but I have always felt the colors I am using are more representitive of the respective films.  Nevertheless, within the downloadable zip-file, you will also find two alternate covers that follow the official color scheme.


I have also retired my old "Alan Lee" covers, but have used some Lee art on these new covers.


I'd also like it known that I really always liked the handsome packaging for the "Extended Editions" but as most of you know, with me, it's always about saving shelf space! 


To download similar covers, but for thinner standard sized cases (and without as fancy a spine) click here.