The following covers are based on the poster art for the Original and Special Edition releases of the classic trilogy.
Additionally, covers for Episodes One< Two and Three are available based on their poster art, but minus the giant EPISODE title logos.
The backs of the covers are the same as the retail versions. Click on a cover to download it.
STAR WARS: The Complete Saga
These covers are an attempt to emulate the fantastic Drew Struzan Star Wars posters that have graced movie theaters since the Special Editions of the Original Trilogy were released in 1997. While I'm not claiming to possess a tenth of Mr. Struzan's talent, hopefully these covers, designed to encompass the whole epic saga in a 10 disc case, will at least conveys some of the feeling of those iconic paintings. Click on a cover to download it.
Version A
Version B
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The spine measures 32mm wide.
STAR WARS: The Trilogies Collection
These two covers were designed for those that want to keep their Star Wars Trilogies separate.  They are made for the six or eightdisc cases with a inch spine available at GenesysDTP.comThese are the cases labeled as 6 (or 8) DISC DVD BOX WITH HINGED FLAPS. These are not for the cases labeled as "overlap".  Please get the right cases!   Click on a cover to download it.
Click here for an alternate Prequel Trilogy cover that lists "Clone Wars" on the back (for an 8 disc case).
This cover is almost identcal to the Original Trilogy cover from the top of this page. However its spine compliments the THE COMPLETE SAGA covers.  It's for those folks that bought the all the original releases and then went out and got the newer films that included the Unaltered Original Trilogy movies.  They are designed for the six disc cases with the one inch spine.
STAR WARS: The Singles Covers
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