I made this cover to hold all 3 Jurassic Park movies.
Regrettably, I did not buy the box-set trilogy that
came with the extra bonus disk, so I was stuck with 3
mis-matched cases!

There are two versions of this cover. The first fits a
so-called "Slim Triple". These type cases are available
at INetDVD.com and USPlastic.com. They call them
"slim" because there are wider 3 disc cases that take up
the same space as a 4 disc case.

The one I am using is a new "Super" Slim Triple
(that's what I'm calling it anyway!). They take up no more
shelf space than a single DVD! You can order them from
Click on the cover for a bigger view.
To download a high resolution cover click on the appropriate "Download" link below
Download "Slim" Triple cover
Download SUPER SLIM TRIPLE cover
They also have a
four disc case
with the same dimensions if you have the bonus disc
that came with the release of the entire trilogy.
3 disc case
"Super slim" 3 disc case
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